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Is Steve Harmon guilty or innocent?


·         Evans  testifies  that Steve was part of the robbery team, acting as a lookout man.

·         Steve doubts his own innocence.

·         Is  O'Briens coaching intended to hide Steve's guilty feelings from the jury?

·         Are these feelings of being a monster based on the truth that he did passively signal the all-clear to the robbers, and thereby he has blood on his hands?


·         He refers to the other robbery participants as acquaintances whom he hardly talked with at all. The conversations were all short and pointless, just polite acknowledgments or talk about ball games.

·         Had he been in the drugstore on the day of the murder? No. What had he been doing on that day? He was mentally taking notes about filming the neighborhood.

·         His involvement with the robbery is doubtful, and therefore his guilt for the murder is also doubtful.

Innocent Highlight before this statement to find out if I think Steve is guilty or Innocent.