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I thought the screenplay format was a great idea for the book, because it made the book unique. It kept my interest, and it seemed to fit the storyline and the main character. I thought the ending was done really well because it left Steve with questions, regrets and feelings much like much like if the book was nonfiction. I think that Steve's father shouldn't have left Steve's family, because he compared Steve to people like James King and Bobo. He didn't know his own son enough to know his son was better than them. 

I thought the book was really well made a part that stuck out to me was when Steve and James was talking about if they think they will be proved innocent or guilty and their reactions to each other’s comments. I believe that one theme of the story is the decisions and friends you choose to make can and will affect you positively or negatively. In Steve's case his decisions and friends caused him to seem like he was a thug like James King or Bobo Evans.


My Amazon book recommendation.