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The story is about a sixteen-year-old Steve Harmon, from Steve's point of view, as he struggles with the fact that he is being tried for felony murder. It is a trial that, if the jury finds him guilty, could result in the death penalty at worst, and at best, over twenty years in prison. Steve is a young filmmaker about the trial of a 16 year old black boy who is being charged with helping in a murder. This story is unique because of its movie script format that goes well with the character of Steve. It also makes you think about Steve guilt or innocence in the crime because the story never proves if he is 100% guilty or innocent.

In this story I think some of the major themes are knowing one’s self and the role peer pressure and friends play in our lives. Steve must come to terms with who he really is. His screenplay and his journal entries are a way to try to make sense of what he has done or hasn’t done in his life, and what has brought him to the point of prison. By the end of the story, his doubts and his fears about who he really is have not yet been completely resolved.